A Slight Delay

Hello all!

Due to circumstances beyond my control (now, anyway), I don’t think I’m going to publish The Dressmaker’s Secret today! 😦

I made the mistake of not checking the entire file yesterday when I sent it in for file review. I just made sure the first couple chapters were formatted right. When I went to view the file several chapter heading were out of whack. For instance, “Chapter Seven” would be on one page and the rest of the chapter on another!

How did that happen? It looked great on the DOCX before I converted to PDF. No man can tell, or at least not a girl who isn’t used to dealing with PDFs, but, anyway, it needed to be fixed. And it took a long time to fix. So long that I didn’t get the file re-submitted and looking right until 2 this afternoon. Even now it may have a few quirks that I didn’t catch. *shivers* 😛

Anyway, file review can take up to 24 hours (though hopefully it won’t take quite that long) and so I’ll probably not be publishing The Dressmaker’s Secret until tomorrow afternoon … or morning, if I get up early before church.

Sorry for the delay. 😉

~Kellyn Roth


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