To publish or not to publish?


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Recently I’ve been having some doubts about publish The Dressmaker’s Secret this Saturday. Perhaps I should move it to the 16th … or even later. As it is, I’m really stressed out and worried about getting it ready in time.

There are no major changes to be made, really. Just fine tune, format, and upload to Createspace. Still, I know that after I publish it, I’ll read over the novel and find a zillion mistakes; things I could have done better.

Today I’m going to buckle down and read through The Dressmaker’s Secret slowly and pick at every little awkward sentence until I get it right, correct every typo I possibly can, add tiny little details that will hopefully make it a better novel.

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish by Thursday (or earlier) and have it ready to publish Friday.

Until next time,

~Kellyn Roth


16 thoughts on “To publish or not to publish?

  1. You can do this, Kell!! 😉
    You totally got this, girl!!! You’ve been revising it forever, it’s time to publish!!!

    (And don’t you DARE set back the publishing date!)
    *insert angry eyebrows*

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