Almost Ready for Publishing!

The Dressmaker's SecretAs you know, I’ve been editing The Dressmaker’s Secret with vigor for quite some time. Every time I think it’s done, I read it again, and change a thousand things in every paragraph! But every time I do that it’s a little better … so I’m definitely getting there!

comingsoontdsI worry about being ready in time for publishing. I suppose I could push the date, but I don’t want to. I guess I’m going to try to get it edited, formatted, and ready for publication in time and if I have to, I’ll change the big date.

Miss Chattoway quoteOne of the things that worries me is that I am, after all, a minor. I want people to read my book. It may be hard to convince people to read a book written by a teenager!

I keeping wondering if I should wait to publish until I’m older … but publishing is a big dream and goal of mine and I really want to do it this January.

Alice quote

Well, I’m back to editing. I seem to have the mind for it today, so I’m going to work while I can.

~Kellyn Roth


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