I am No Longer an “American Girl Fan”

Definitely done with American Girl:

I know that I haven’t been on here in a while, but first I need to say something else.  Something even more important than any post that you could ever read here, or any doll blog for that matter.

AG has officially declared their support for gay marriage.  They boldly revealed it in their November/December magazine edition.


My mom usually never looks at my magazine when I get it in the mail, but something told her to this time.  She scanned through and saw this article about a girl’s “Forever Family”, including her gay parents- as you can see from the photo.  She took me into my parents’ room, and we sat down and talked.  She showed me the article, and asked me what I thought I should do about it.  I told her I wanted to encourage all of you to help me show American Girl that this is not what we expected from them.  We…

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8 thoughts on “I am No Longer an “American Girl Fan”

  1. And I’m definitely done with your blog. I’ve always loved this blog – until I saw this, which troubles and confuses me to no end. Why would such a loving Christian like you be against love?


    1. I believe every single word in the Bible. In the Bible, it says in multiple places that God does NOT condone homosexuality. Men were NOT meant to be with men and women were NOT meant to be with women. It’s very wrong.


      1. I agree. Otherwise, the population is going to fail. I mean, men can’t have children without women, so it’s wrong. Women and men were meant to be together. Thank you for sharing this article, I’m no longer a fan of AG.

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  2. My Family is christian and we believe gay marriage is wrong but I talked about this blog post with my mother and showed her my copy of the AG magazine and we believe that just because there is a picture of this family doesn’t mean mean that AG condones gay marriage. It is just a picture and this girl’s family started a charity that has helped a lot of foster children in the system feel like they are NOT worthless! The article doesn’t even talk about her dads being gay. This article is all about making kids who are ignored and don’t have a family feel like they aren’t worthless human beings. This doesn’t mean that AG is against gay marriage but the story isn’t focused on her family life it’s focused on the amazing work that she and her dad have done for over 6,000 kids! I don’t think AG wants to exclude people like this from their magazines just because of who her adoptive parents are she has no control over that and I don’t think it’s right to jump to conclusions over a picture.


  3. Hold on a second! AG did what?! YOU ARE KIDDING ME! THAT is….. I AM GOING CRAZY!

    I do not agree in gay marriage at all! it is against the bible and anything against the bible, I do not agree with. I am into AG, but I never knew that… Thanks for posting that Kellyn.

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