That Urge to Change Your Novel at Last Minute …

Well, with only ten days until NaNoWriMo, I have a sudden and inexplicable desire to change the novel I’m going to write! As you know, I was going to write the sequel to last year’s soon-to-be published The Dressmaker’s Secret, Ivy Inquisitive. But I suddenly want to write a book I just came up with which I’m currently calling Dolly of the World.

<<I even had this amazing cover made by Splash of YWP NaNoWriMo!

I know! It’s just so awesome!

Anyway, it’s the story of a young girl growing up in the Great Depression. She spent much of her life in a small fishing village on the East Coast. One day, she runs away to find her place in the world.

If you get this same desire to change your book at the last minute, I’d advise you to resist it if you can.

Use all the willpower you possess and simply refuse to change from your already perfectly outlined book to a random idea floating around in your head.

But don’t forget the random idea. Save it … for December, if you have the strength by that time. Or January, if you’re not busy editing. Or February or March or ten years from now if you can’t find time until then. I’m hoping to work on Dolly of the World during Christmas break while I’m resting from Ivy Inquisitive before starting the horror of *shiver* editing.

~Kellyn Roth


2 thoughts on “That Urge to Change Your Novel at Last Minute …

  1. I came up with a REALLY great idea for a book for nano about a week ago and I’ve been fighting myself wether or not to change it with the one I have been planning on for about a year (!!!) Your post is really helping me stick to my guns with the book I already have. Thanks, Kellyn!!

    1. I agree with you Kellyn!
      I had joined NaNo about… two months ago. And I had already thought about the book I would write in 7 days time. And I keep asking myself “Change?”, “Is it good enough?” ECT…. This post helps allot! Thanks Kellyn!

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