Review: A Daughter of the Land by Gene Stratton-Porter


Adam Bates and his wife have sixteen children; seven boys and nine girls. When his sons turn twenty-one, Mr. Bates buys them a farm. When his daughters grow up, they are given nothing except the right to leave the terrible atmosphere they grew up in to teach school.

Kate, the youngest, is not allowed to leave at all. She must stay at home doing farm-work until she marries … if she can. But Kate rebels and finds another way to go to a school to train to be a teacher. Kate’s family casts her off and leaves her to make her own way in the world.

A Daughter of The Land by Gene Stratton-Porter is a story taking place in a very real God-guided world. The characters are human and the situations are realistic.

Essentially, it is the tale about the growth, physically and spiritually, of Katherine Eleanor Bates.

I’d highly recommend this book for anyone, but it could be especially helpful if you were going through hard times. It teaches you that, no matter what low place you are in, there is always a way out; there is always a happy ending.

My favorite thing about A Daughter of the Land …

The characters, the characters, the characters! Every single one of them is truly human and perfectly developed. I especially liked Kate; stubborn as a mule and determined that no matter how hard it is, she will make her life into what she wants it to be.

My  least favorite thing about A Daughter of The Land …

Sometimes it could be a bit confusing. Sometimes it seemed a bit melodramatic.


I give A Daughter of The Land 4/5 stars. 🙂

How can you find out more about Gene Stratton Porter?

Gene Stratton Porter wrote twelve novels in total plus many books on natural history. Here’s a link to Gene Stratton Porter’s Amazon Page.


2 thoughts on “Review: A Daughter of the Land by Gene Stratton-Porter

  1. Nice Summary! I LOVE how you put everything in such an order that makes it exciting and a ‘wanting to read’ book!

    🙂 Sounds like a good 4/5 rating for a book! Keep it UP!

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