The Month of Opposites

Trees, Falls, Leaves, Autumn, Fall Trees, Nature, Leaf

I wrote this poem today about September … and decided to show it to you.

September is the summer

September is the fall

September is the time of warmth

September chills us all!

September means a jacket

September means a last swim

September means a chance to dance

Yet bring the harvest in!

September means a fire at night

September means a fan

September means rain on the roof

September means band!

September has excitement

September has its dreads

September means “Put down your toys

“Pick up your books instead!”

September has its opposites

Like every month a year

September has its happiness

September can be drear.

So do we like September?

That month of “Yes!” and “No!”

That month of “Yay!” and Nay!”

Best answer is “So-so.”

Do you like September?

~Kellyn Roth


2 thoughts on “The Month of Opposites

  1. In your beautiful poem, the rhythm would work better if in the second line of the second stanza you changed it to: “September’s a last swim.” Otherwise there are too many syllables in that line and it reads awkwardly. I love your poem! Mom

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