What are the results of boredom, plotter’s block, and a mind with wheels that won’t stop turning?

Since I procrastinating on planning for NaNo, I’ve decided to write a short story while my plotter’s block lasts. After trying out several different plots, I decided to write about a spoiled teenage girl from the big city coming to a little town to live with her grandparents and becoming a better person.

I know; that is a crazily cliché plot! I’m doing that on purpose, just so you know. I’ve always wanted to write a book using every cliché I could think of. Now’s my chance.

Besides, it’s been so long since I’ve written a book that didn’t require hours of historical research. So far, I’ve only written the first couple chapters … and they’re very short, half-a-page chapters at that … but I really am enjoying myself.

Would you like to see the first couple chapters? Well, I don’t care whether you want to or not; here you go!

Chapter One:

Hello! My name is Gemma Xander Hill. I live in Portland, the best town in Oregon. I’m a fourteen-year-old basketball enthusiast who lives for her friends – of whom there are many, naturally. My dad works at a bank and is, excusing the expression, loaded, and my mom is a lawyer.

I have a baby sister – Adisyn Love Hill – and two goldfish, Taylor and Swift, named after – you guessed it! – my favorite singer. My favorite song is Blank Space by you-know-who. My favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls even though it’s kinda old.

Our house in the suburbs has a swimming pool, naturally I have a TV in my bedroom – which is huge and totally green. Dad drives me to school every day in his convertible red Ferrari and Mom picks me up in the evening in her blue-green Pontiac Grand Am.

I always wear red nail polish and lipstick, blue and silver eye-shadow (to match my eyes), and as much mascara as can be glued onto my short, light eyebrows. I curl my golden hair every morning. Dirty secrets, those, but who can get all this naturally? Anyways, my clothes are always stylish, of course. I usually wear a dress or skirt to school, but when I don’t, in the winter it’s designer jeans and in the summer it’s the shortest shorts I can find.

My favorite shirt is the dark red one that reads ‘Sexy and I know it.’ Or … maybe it’s the bright pink one that reads ‘Fabulous.’ I can never decide. I guess it’s the first because whenever I wear my ‘Fabulous’ shirt, my sister starts singing some song from one of her lame-o cartoons. The fact that I watched self-same cartoon last year, while I was in Middle School, is … well, let’s not talk about that.

I was SO immature in Middle School. Now that I’ll be a freshman next year, I’m ready to settle down. Get an actual boyfriend.

So, I think I gave you the wrong impression of me in the last few paragraphs. Though I like to look good – and always do, may I add – I’m epic on the basketball court. I put my hair up in a ponytail, put on the kind of makeup that doesn’t wipe off easily, and PLAY BASKETBALL.

My team in middle school was the Crimson Bandits. However, the girls high school basketball team at Portland High School, is The Pillagers. They’re pretty epic; I’ve watched them play when hanging out with my best friend Elena Garcia, a Hispanic-American girl whose brother, Raul – who is seventeen and super annoying – has a girlfriend on the team. Her name is Mchaela Abalos. She’s not very tall – shorter than me, in fact – but she can jump really high! She actually said ‘What’s up?’ to me when she came to see Raul after the last game. She’s EPIC!!!

Epic is my favorite word. Everyone’s using it. It’s EPIC!!! J

My life is just perfect. Just perfect.

Chapter Two:

I just told you how much I love my life, right? Well, that’s all changed as of this week!

Guess what just happened? My dad lost his job! My Dad lost his job! You know why? He staggered into his office on the day of an important business meeting … DRUNK! He threw up all over the bank captain or leader or … whatever the stupid jerk who runs the bank is called!

Apparently, Dad has been getting drunk all the time and gambling and stuff. I had no idea. I mean, I knew that he drank a lot and that he kept crashing his car over and over again … but I didn’t know it was this bad. Mom didn’t even know … or at least not all of it.

We’re in debt. MAJOR debt. And guess what? We’ve no way of paying off the debts! What are we supposed to do? Nothing. Mom can’t say, “Part of the money he’s thrown away was mine; can I have a refund.” No. It’s all gone and there’s still more that will be gone … unless Dad can find another job. Even then, he’ll never pay back all our debts in time.

Chapter Three:

I’m dressed in a small, plain black dress. I’m wearing a purple raincoat over it that I had to grab at last minute because of the sudden early-summer downpour. I’m freezing to death and heartbroken and … well, I don’t want to talk about it.

I vaguely hear the preacher speaking. Nice things … about my dad being a good man. What kind of a ‘good man’ would die in a car crash because he was too drunk to drive, leaving his wife and daughters alone in this world with major debts?

We’re moving. Next week. To my grandparent’s house in The Dalles. I hate my grandparents. They’re so OLD. And The Dalles? I remember mentioning that my grandparents live in The Dalles once to Elena and she said, “I’ve never heard of it. Is it near the beach?” No. It isn’t. There is nothing fun near The Dalles. The restaurants are lame, the stores are lame … everything’s lame!

I’ve lost everything I ever had. What can I do now?

Though this is definitely not my best work, I gave it my most mediocre work for several hours. Now I’m feeling guilty for wasting my time. At least it isn’t something I have to delete instantly because it’s hurting my eyes. 🙂

What do you think?

~Kellyn Roth


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