Why I write?

Well said, Mr. Hunter!

David B. Hunter

It’s a neat dream to be a professional author, right? You get to stay at home all day and peck on your keyboard. Besides, you can make some great money entertaining your readers.

Those may be some good reasons, but I have a higher one. I want to positively impact the lives of my readers, not just entertain, but inspire. Not only making earthly treasure, but amassing heavenly gain.

I want to bring hope to the despairing. Write characters to role model. Shine a light in the sometimes dark world of books.

This won’t just be a just a job, but a mission field. To spread the good news of Christ, encouraging believers, and just giving kids something wholesome to fill their minds with.

Through all my books, future and past, I want to glorify God. Whether that’s in an overtly Christian book, or one which has Christian themes, it…

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